Quick & Easy Powder Room Updates

Once we had come up with a game plan for our major renovation, I was anxious to dive in and get started. But since the first phase was to move structural walls (which we were not doing ourselves, and thus meant we were waiting on someone else’s busy schedule), we had to wait for a bit longer. Patience is not my strong suit…

I decided to give our powder room a facelift. During my Christmas break (this was way back in 2015!), I devoted some time to this project.

The space was seriously lacking in the personality department, and (like the rest of our house) needed some TLC:


There were basically four key components to this refresh:

  1. Paint — I went bold, swapping beige walls for a rich navy blue (Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue). Because the powder room is a space that is not seen all the time, it is a great opportunity to play around and step out of your comfort zone. I
  2. New mirror — the small wood mirror was donated and replaced with a round mirror-on-mirror piece. This larger mirror reflects more light in the space, and takes the style up a notch.
  3. New light fixture — the existing light was broken (and not our taste), so we replaced it with a simple brushed nickel fixture with LED bulbs to really brighten up the room.
  4. Accessorizing — this tiny room didn’t need much else: new hardware on the vanity (these lion’s head ring pulls are so fun and unexpected), a simple white hand towel, and a large framed New York City map (we honeymooned in NYC, so this was a nice personal touch).

Here is the “after” (apologies, it’s really difficult to photograph this tiny space!):


We have since had a new window installed (frosted glass, eliminating the need for blinds). The flooring and vanity will both be replaced down the line, but for now, about $150 took this space from drab to fab!